A Drop in the Bucket

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the laziest of them all? Seriously this one is for the laziest of lazy. The app “Drop” was one of my first steps into saving money and doing nothing. It gives you pennies back — DROPs in the bucket get it?? You link your credit cards and BAM points back on your purchases. No work after that unless you want to play snake to get even more pennies but more on that later. If you’re worried about pennies being worth your time, pennies add up especially when it take basically 0 work to get them. Think of this as your virtual piggy bank.


What is the BARE MINIMUM I have to do??

Sign up and pick your 5 places to earn cash back.

I would recommend making your picks based on the number of times you go there because the points ratio doesn’t always reward you for choosing the places you spend the most $$. For example, I chose Lyft, Uber, Whole Foods (boujee af), Chipotle (broke and lazy af), and Starbucks. I spend a bunch more on Whole Foods than Starbucks. At Whole Foods I get 8 points per dollar. At Starbucks I get 12 points per dollar. Since you’re lazy I’ll do the math for you. Let’s say I spend $100 on Whole Foods a month and $75 dollars at Starbucks a month (so unrealistic Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck, but a good demonstration). In that month, I’m earning 800 points from Whole Foods and 900 points from Starbucks. The place you spend the most isn’t always going to earn you the most points unless you’re like me and spend A LOT at Whole Foods.

You should also be careful when making your selections since as far as I have seen you can’t make any changes to those 5 later.

Once you’ve reached enough points, you can redeem for gift cards (Starbucks, Wholefoods, Amazon, etc). The points ratio is small (1000 points = $1) but how can you complain when you did no work to get this.

What if I want to earn a little more??

PLAY SNAKE! This part is the best. Every time you visit the same place 5 times (any of your 5 preselected places) you get the chance to play snake for pennies. The points are minimal. My high score is like 280 which is 28 cents (lol) but still more than you get for playing anything else on your phone!

Okay you caught me my high score is 268

They also have bonuses that you can only see if you click into the app every few days. Some bonuses I have seen are Amazon, HP, Forever 21, Bloomingdales, Sephora, etc. All you have to do is claim the bonus in the app and then use one of your linked cards when you buy from there. The points get added to your account automatically.

Last but not least, you can refer your friends and get extra points. They usually have bonuses where you can earn 5 dollars just for having friends sign up so look out for those. I’m a sucker for the pyramid scheme, so use my code 9frzw to download! You’ll get an added bonus as well. Make sure you have confirmed your email before putting the code in, otherwise it won’t work. You need to click the link in the email you to confirm FIRST and they send you or you will get an error message when you try to use the code.

PS this isn’t sponsored by anyone because no one cares about my blog. That would be a cool way to stay lazy and get rich though amirite.

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