Uber Local Offers

Another super easy one!! Hopefully you’re already doing this but I’m not judging you…. Only things you need are a Visa card and the Uber app. Uber Local Offers lets you earn cash back in the form of Uber credits for shopping at designated locations with a Visa card. Mine is hooked up to my Chase Sapphire Preferred card (can’t wait to do a post on that credit card I LOVE POINTS). Any time I shop at Whole Foods I get 5% back. If you’re in Boston like me, you can also get it at Tip Tap Room and a ton of other restaurants. When I visited DC I shopped at a random coffee shop and got an email I earned 10% in credits there too. It made me feel better about getting a bagel at 3pm right after leaving an all you can eat brunch. Seeee you really don’t need to do any work so keep sitting on instagram and let the $ flow in.

What is the BARE MINIMUM I need to do??

Go to your Uber app, click on the menu, click into settings, find Uber Local offers and make sure you’ve opted in. Then use your Visa!

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