AvocaDOs and DON’Ts

Whole Foods is truly boujee AF but if I want to spend 8 dollars on a side of Mac n Cheese then I shall!!

Quick tip:

Most grocery stores try to trick you into buying higher quantities with “5 for $5” signs. You do not have to buy 5!!!!!! In no world can I buy 5 avocados and eat them all before they turn brown. Buy 1 for a dollar you still get the deal! Usually you’ll see this with yogurt, fruit, and other items that go bad which you WILL NOT FINISH.  Don’t let the grocery store insult your intelligence by making you buy multiples.

so green so beautiful photo:@caraskitchen

This is not always the case though. CVS will do “2 for $6 or 1 for $3.50” so make sure to read the prices.

This also brings me to unit prices. When buying anything that you know you are going to finish before it goes bad, make sure to check the unit prices on the price tag. I often see Whole Foods brand items being more expensive than other brands but if you check the unit price you realize it’s because Whole Foods brand item contains much more with a lower per pound or per ounce rate. So you can get a pound of WF brand for $5 or half a pound for $3. More bang for your buck! You don’t have to do the math yourself to figure out the unit prices— just look a little closer on the signs.

cheese plate
saving $$ at the grocery store means all the cheese plates your heart desires

My last quick tip for grocery shopping is COUPONS. Lame but download the Whole Foods app and check for your stores weekly coupons and sales. They can scan it all at the register.


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