Do you cut out clothes shopping when you’re saving? If so, you have the will power of an Iron Man competitor and teach me your ways. If not……

Download Poshmark! It’s an online thrift store that makes it super easy to get money back for the clothes sitting in your closet you don’t wear. You can also raid your moms closet like I did for all the weird Dooney & Bourke and Coach stuff that seemed cool when we were 8 because apparently there are people out there who still want that. I have sold everything from a Michael Kors bag for $100 to a New Balance sports bra for $8. So far I’ve made over $250. Compare that to when I drove 45 minutes to take 30 items to a brick and mortar resale shop and got a whopping $33. Lots of effort. Little cash. Very off brand.

What is the BARE MINIMUM I need to do??

Download the app. Try to take cute pictures of your clothes or steal the images off the website if they still exist. Then create your post and set your price. You can price a bit higher than you expect someone to purchase for because buyers can make offers and negotiate. Plus poshmark takes 20% on sales over $15 or $2.95 if it’s under $15. Once you make a sale, you print the prepaid label and take the item to your local post office where they’ll give you a box or envelope for free. So easy. Heads up though the post office can be stingy and may make you pay for tape so I bring packing tape with me. Besides that they won’t charge you at all for items that fit in a prepaid box. Once the buyer gets the item you get $$$$$.

poshmark closet
some listing are cuter than others…..

Use my code BECCABRENNER for 5 dollars towards purchasing or check with your friends to see if they have referral codes you can use (I’m not selfish). Even if you think you won’t buy anything you probably will. Just bought this pair of Madewell jeans for $50 off retail and they came with a glossier sample and tea bags #boujee

poshmark me
this is the boujee-est I have ever been but thx to the girl who sold me these jeans

What if I want to make more $$$:

People really turn Poshmark into a business. Follow your Facebook friends and others that post clothes similar to yours. If you share other poshers’ postings, they’ll share yours to their followers and get more eyes on your items. Then, you can offer private discounts to people who’ve liked your items or wait until someone thinks it’s worth the price you listed. I waited on my Michael Kors bag through some low ball offers until I got what I wanted.

A few times a day, there are “parties” for different types of items. These parties really fill up the social calendar ya know? Make sure to join when there’s a party applying to your items (“best in jeans party” or “coach, Michael Kors, and Vera Bradley party”) and you can share your listings there to get people who don’t follow you to see them.

poshmark noti
“is it a pregame or a party? is it byob? is it okay if my roommates come”

I write little notes when shipping my items to ensure my buyers accept the items and give me good reviews.

If you’re into budgeting and trying to save, you can use the amount you sell as a baseline for what you can buy.



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