Gilty Pleasures

GiltCity is the exact same thing as Groupon except for stuff you actually want.

gilt logo

Buy work out classes, massages, facials, juices, salons, food deliveries and more. It starts off discounted but I still try not to pay the listed price by taking advantage of sales.

First, get $25 off by using my code (CLICK HERE) or ask your friends if they have a code they can give you. You can either use their website or download the app.  Then, keep an eye out for sales! They have 30% off sales pretty often and some lower discounts too.

gilt screen

If you’re 1) not in a city with giltcity or 2) just looking for more ~material goods~ you can shop on Gilt (not just GiltCity).

Be smarter than me and make sure you sign up to be an insider after you make an account so you can earn points towards rewards! This is a SEPARATE STEP. I didn’t realize for over a year that just signing up does not an insider make! Learn from my mistakes and do this from your account page after you sign up.

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