You know those times when you go out to a group dinner and get a salad and the guy next to you gets a steak dinner and 3 drinks and then everyone proposes you split it? Or when the restaurant won’t do separate checks? Or when one person pays and everyone else Venmos and you end up $50 short and have no idea why? Or when that one person says no I don’t want to split it and you spend 30 min trying to write down who got what and what they owe? Or worse, you need to take out a calculator?!

Ah eating at restaurants is so fun. But when you don’t want to deal with any of that you should use Tab! Tab is an app that makes it incredibly easy to split bills.

excited winnie the pooh GIF
get ready here we go

Take a picture of the receipt and enter the names of everyone who was at the dinner. If you all have Tab you can join the bill together (but not required)! Then select who ate what. 4 out of 5 people shared apps and zerts? No problem. The big guy had 8 drinks? No problem. 10 people going out for a birthday and splitting the bday girl’s meal? No problem. In the words of Chance the Rapper, “you don’t want zero problems big fella.”

You can choose multiple people to split each item if you need. And for the birthday case, select everything as normal and at the end you can choose to split the birthday meal across everyone else while maintaining what everyone else ate/drank. You can select your tip % and it will tell you tip each person should pay as well.

If one person still wants to pay the whole bill (can’t blame them we all want the points) it can tell you exactly how much to Venmo OR you can hook up your Venmo accounts and do it right from the app! Gone are the days of the missing $50.


If you end up eating out more, don’t blame me 😏

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