Ibotta Lotta Stuff

I milk Uber for all its worth (only fair after what they put us through). I get $1 back on every Uber ride using Ibotta. Technically the app is mostly for taking pictures of receipts to get cash back but I personally don’t use it for that very often. Baby steps.

Moving here means I need every penny I can get my hands on

What’s the BARE MINIMUM I need to do??

Download Ibotta. You can use my code oqoxhmp to get a $5 jump start on cash back. If you want to get $1 back on every Uber, then before you call your ride you can click into the Ibotta app and search for Uber. When you click “Shop” on Uber, it will take you to the Uber app. The first time you have to link your account but after that it opens the app and you can go on business as usual. That’s it! Moral of the story – open Ibotta, click on Uber, get $1 in your Ibotta account. Once you get $20, you can redeem to your Venmo account or for gift cards to Sephora, Amazon, Uber, Ulta, Whole Foods…. The list goes on.

After you select Uber, it will usually stay linked for about 3 hours. So if you’re at a pregame and nervous you’re going to “forget” to go through Ibotta before you head to the bar, then you can do it in advance. It won’t let you get cash back immediately after you have earned it though, so if you click through too early you may not be able to select it again for a few hours. I haven’t gotten the exact amount of time identified yet though.

You can also use this same process for Amazon, Groupon, Jet, Walmart.com, Target and more if you have their apps downloaded. Most of these offer 3-5% back just by clicking through.

UPDATE: as I write this Uber is not available but be patient my friend it comes and goes sometimes.

What if I want to earn more $$$$$??

As I write this, there are 283 stores I can send receipts in for to get cash back including CVS, Walmart, Whole Foods, and Walgreens. If you are going for a specific item, you can search this item in the app and claim an offer for it if it exists. Then you can scan the receipt and earn the cash back. I ALWAYS keep my receipt from CVS anyway because the coupons are great. More work, but more $$$. I just bought deodorant and searched the app and there was a option for 25 cents back off any brand. Yes it is only 25 cents BUT it was cool I didn’t have to sacrifice my BO buying a gross brand and could buy the one I like (TMI IDC WE ALL SMELL SOMETIMES). So keep an eye out for the “any brand” cash back and buy as you normally do.

You can see how much your friends save too. I have multiple Facebook friends that have earned over $150. WORTH IT!

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