Uh-huh Honey

Things honey means to me:

  • An amazing Jessica Alba movie
  • A food that I think I’m allergic to (hoping I’m wrong HMU if you’re an allergist)
  • A chrome plug in that saves you $$$$$$$$$$$ by automatically applying discount codes when you online shop

The last one is the most important I think although definitely we can talk about it. You know when you find something online and you need it RIGHT NOW but then there aren’t any sales and you buy it anyway and then 2 days later it’s 30% off and you are sad? Honey can help with that — it automatically applies the best coupons online for us shopping addicts.

online shopping
Lucky for you I AM HERE TO HELP

What do I need to do??

Join and download the Honey plug in. It’s a Chrome/Firefox/Safari extension which means you download it and it’ll live on the top right corner of your browser window (if you’re still like wtf does that mean just download it and you’ll be like OH I SEE). When you online shop, the little icon will flash/pop up and you can click on it to try to apply coupons in your cart. It will apply all the coupons that other honey users have used to see which one gives you the best discount. You can also click on it to earn cash back at stores. It saved me 100 on my iPhone X (now I can use portrait mode like a real blogger) and 20% off on my new duvet cover (so I can take pictures of my bed like a real blogger). It won’t earn you discounts everywhere, but the whole point is that it gets you discounts without you really having to do much or remember to navigate anywhere besides the website you want to shop on 👌🏼. SWEEET

winnie honey


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  1. Honey is one of the few “apps” or add ons that I actually use. It’s literally so easy. Sometimes I’m disappointed that there aren’t any discount codes to apply but all it’s cost me are the 3 seconds it takes to search so I can’t complain!


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