I have officially moved to NYC and I am going to try to slow down on spending except more realistically I’m going to say that and continue to spend more so how about those savings tips eh?

lets go.JPG
I took this pic today in my neighborhood and it felt relevant

Not to be confused with eBay, Ebates (get $10 by using my link) is another chrome extension (like Honey) that allows you to get either cash back or discounts! I previously had downloaded Ebates on my phone and was not about it because it seemed like I had to take pictures of receipts. As you know from my post on Ibotta, I am not a fan of taking pictures of receipts although it is growing on me. I more recently downloaded the Ebates chrome extension and its a game changer! At most stores it will let you know sales, promo codes, and/or earn you cashback. And yes I mean MOST stores.

Download the chrome extension and watch it pop up next to your Honey plug in. It will tell you the offers for that store.

Now if you are sitting there like “wait, you told me I should use Honey for this. Also, you told me I should Shop Through Chase to earn points. Can I use them all?” The world is evil and the answer is no you cannot use them. Your computer will only use the last one you do.  So here is my strategy:

  1. Check Honey. See what promos are offered. Promos are usually in the neighborhood of >10% off so that is always going to get you the best deal BUT Honey has less stores associated so it may give you 0%.
  2. Then check Ebates to see the discount you can get back.
  3. Then check Chase to see the points you can get back if there store is on there. Do a quick conversion here (1 pt = $.0125 for Chase Sapphire Preferred when redeemed for travel)
  4. Pick the best one and navigate back to your cart through that!

Sometimes that doesn’t always work like last night I used a gift card so I used Ebates even though my Chase had a better cash back. It’s an art not a science.

One other thing to note is they only pay 4 times a year. This is kind of a bad thing because we’re impatient but also cool because you’ll get a lot at once.


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