Disclaimer: I have no DIY skills this was 100% my mom except I found all the materials. Where ever I say “we” it means her.

After looking at dressers online for forever and hating everything I could afford (because I’m broke that’s the whole point), I took to the place where productivity goes to die: pinterest. Then, I saw this idea on Blesser house and was like WHAAAAAT I want that. So I took to Craigslist and found this not so hot dresser.

don’t judge… it’s on the inside that counts


“We” then got to ordering all the materials and sanded the top as step 1.

already lookin fiiiine

We started to stain the top at which point I got a little nervous about the whole thing (spoiler alert it works out)

kinda looks like someone just rubbed dirt on the top

Then we painted the drawers BLUE. I capitalized BLUE because it is very BLUE with just the paint.

anxiety running high at this point…. ready to abort mission

And the bottom

i spy my parents male cat named Stella 


While all of this was happening I also ordered knobs and we painted those black to match.


Then we waxed the drawers and bottom

I started to have faith at this point

A few more coats of stain on the top and VOILA:



And then it finally made it into my bedroom

Just need to get some more stuff in the room next so it doesn’t look so bare. Moving is a marathon not a sprint.


Overall the price breakdown…

Dresser: $140 – This was the biggest expense and I would highly recommend researching to find a cheaper one. We were in a time crunch with my move so we got this one.

Knobs: ~$60 – This was a little annoying because shipping was expensive. The hardest part was finding knobs that fit the holes. Once we did that, we discovered the holes were not all the same distance apart and had to drill new holes anyways. Oops.

Other Materials: ~80 I think. The good thing is the materials weren’t fully consumed so they can be used in future projects!

Speaking of… if you want one and live near NY let me know. Trying to make my mom have a side hustle selling these. Also if you want more ideas on how to do this I would definitely refer to the Blesser House blog because we completely followed her steps (and she deserves the credit).

Overall, we probably could have done it cheaper but if we were to try to buy a dresser like this it would definitely be $600 or more so we saved there and now it is beautiful. It also definitely helps that my mom owned a sander and a drill and a bunch of those things already. Anyways, proud of our DIY and the possibilities for future projects and savings.





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