Bar Method Williamsburg – April Deal

I’m trying to get into the local deal game here to help out the other boujee people living in Williamsburg with me.

In April, Bar Method Williamsburg is doing a deal that is 2 weeks unlimited for $39! That is less than the price of 2 classes!!! You just have to start the deal in April to get that price. I had been going to Bar Method for over a year in Boston and when I moved was very pleased that the nearest Bar Method was only an 11 minute walk from my apartment (please don’t triangulate my location and murder me).

I love the workout and I hate working out so that really says something. If you love it like I do, after your first 2 weeks you can still buy the $99 first month as long as you start it right away. WHAT A STEAL. Come take a class with me!

this is not me but we can pretend I look like this

If you come I’ll show you this crazy picture of my super strong tricep that was taken while I was climbing onto a limo this weekend…. If the price tag isn’t worth it I think the picture is.

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