Bank of America Cash Back

Howdy! I had a lovely lady ask me how Bank of America cash back deals work and it seemed like a good idea for a post (did you read that in a southern accent because I wrote it with one).

nyc river pic
“When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I found it fed me more” – Carrie Bradshaw…. except I never skip dinner and I’ve never seen an episode of Sex and the City

I have basically always had my checking account in Bank of America and my initial credit card was with them too although I don’t use it too often. Although I am not the biggest fan of their credit cards overall because I think Chase is way better, they do have cash back deals (for debit or credit cards) that can get you heavy rewards!


If you have any of these cards, log in to BofA online and look for the Special Offers & Deals tab on the top. Hover over that then click on cash back deals. There you will see loads of cash back deals. As I write this, these include Starbucks (this is there basically every month), Dick’s, JC Penney, Hilton Garden Inn, and CVS. If you click on it, it will add the deal to your accont until it expires. As long as you use a BofA card to shop at these locations, you’ll earn points. The % cash back is usually 5% or 10% which is pretty high. There’s also some deals like AT&T right now that is  get $75 for making two AT&T purchases. On this page, you can decide if you want the cash back to go to your checking account or credit card account, and the money will show up within 30 days.

cvs cash back
got cash back this week!

I used to be able to use a personal credit card when I traveled for work so I would get tons of cash back at hotels through this. Basically Hilton paid me 50 dollars a month to stay there.

You can also sign up for emails (go to Profile & Settings > Alerts > Bank AmeriDeals) so you know when new deals are available.

I’ll do another post soon on the Bank of America Travel Rewards card for those that are sticking with that!





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