Bank of America Travel Rewards

Although I am a big Chase Sapphire Preferred gal, I also carry around a Bank of America Travel Rewards card in my wallet! If you do too, I’ll break down how to earn rewards.

I earn 1.5 points per dollar spent. While I had a savings account in BofA I earned even more but if you have been keeping up with my blog you know I’m all about the Capital One savings account. I was at first hesitant to switch my savings out of BofA because of the bonus points I was earning for being a preferred member (if you have a linked savings accounts the points go up up up). Eventually, I made the decision to switch to my Chase credit card and Capital One savings for better overall rates/points and I never looked back! Except right now to right this post.

Anyways, all you have to do to redeem these is log into your Bank of America account online and you can select your credit card account. From there, click the rewards tab and click redeem rewards. If you have 2500 or more you are eligible to redeem. You have the ability to redeem for things other than travel but DON’T because the value is awful. Click redeem next to the travel option. Then, you can choose any travel related purchases to redeem for. This includes Ubers/Lyfts so no worries if you haven’t spent a lot on flights or big ticket items lately. You can select anything you want up to the number of points you have, and if you want to clear your points to 0 (bc you are anal like me) you can split purchases too to redeem only part of the total. Then you’ll get a statement credit on your account. Easy peasy! Great option for a first credit card with 0 fees if you’re on the market.

Other pros to Bank of America can be found here.


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