How I Pay for Grad School but stay Boujee

I am very lucky my parents paid for my undergraduate degree. I had worked at summer camps all through college so I graduated very poor with nothing saved but no debt. But if you couldn’t tell I am very into savings so I have spent the past 3 years being stingy where I could and building up my savings account from nothing. When I decided to go to grad school for economics I knew I wanted to do it part time because I could not bear the thought of not having a real income. This is very different than my brother who (for two weeks before he dropped out because he got a cool job offer lol) went full time for his MBA but had a full scholarship and a paid TA position. I thought I could get a scholarship too but NOPE. I tried a bunch of sites that have scholarships but there are very few for part time online economic graduate degrees (like none).

So long story short is I’m paying out of pocket. When I have to pay for each semester, I transfer money out of savings and then pay with my credit card (SO MANY POINTS) and immediately pay off my credit card. The other plus to doing this whole thing part time while working a full time job (I have no life) is that my company will reimburse me up to $5200 per calendar year. I’ll get this twice so about 2.5 of my 8 classes are covered.  If you are even thinking about applying to grad school and you want to work while doing it look into your company’s policy! This is seriously huge and helps me afford to still be able to do some none school activities like eat and drink and be merry (when I’m not doing homework). A lot of companies have a program where they’ll pay for you to go grad school but you sell your soul and have to keep working there for a while after so you have to love the company!

I know there’s not much advice in there but if I can do it you can do it! If you have any questions on how to pay for school or just survive it, hit me UP!

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