I got some requests recently for apps to help you split costs with roommates and I did some investigating and found one! Splitwise is a free app to help you “settle up” and figure out who owes who and how much they owe. It is always awkward trying to figure that out and tbh math is HARD.

All you have to do is set up a group and enter the bills. You can do a group for your apartment, enter all the bills for the month and who paid them (you can also say if you already split them or a few other options) and then check the balances to see who owes what. If your roommates have the app too, they can join the group and enter the bills themselves.

This is also great for group vacations! On our recent trip to the Grand Canyon (I just went over labor day if you couldn’t tell by my MILLIONS of posts), we strugggggled to figure out who owes who. We’ll do a lot better on our next trip!

For a step by step tutorial on how to use it, check out my instagram highlights! But now you know it exists and hopefully your life can be a little less awkward.


PS if you’re looking for an app to help you split the bill at restaurants, check out my post on Tab!



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