Uber & Lyft Tricks!

Before I allowed my obsession with saving money to take over my life, I would just check Uber & Lyft to figure out which was cheaper….. so young and naive.



My favorite way to save on Uber is to shop through Ibotta. Currently, I get 75 cents back on every Uber I take (I used to get a whole dollar but such is life). All you have to do is open up the Ibotta app, search Uber, and click shop! This will take you to the Uber app and you can proceed as normal. If you forget, just go to Ibotta while you’re on the road and click Uber and it should still work as long as you haven’t completed the ride.

If you don’t see the Uber offer in your Ibotta app, your location probably doesn’t qualify. I know that sucks which is why I’m including Lyft tricks too!

PS I’m an Ibotta partner so sign up using my code and I’ll get a few dolla dolla bills when you redeem an offer. CODE: oqoxhmp (I like to think of it as an acronym: Other quails outline xylophone hummings my peasants. Pls help me out with that)

For more info on Ibotta click ME for an old article I wrote or go to my instagram and watch my highlights for better tutorials.


If you travel at all for business you should use lyft. For every 5 rides you take in business mode you get $5 back in personal credit. I hate Uber when I travel for business because I add my corporate card in to pay for my trip home from the airport then randomly 2 weeks later coming home drunk from a bar it charges my corporate card OUT OF NO WHERE. Lyft has a business profile and regular profile where you can default cards for each. To make sure you get the credits, go to the promo section and put in “BIZREWARDSOPTIN” and then start ridinnn.

I also just found out thanks to you lovely followers that Lyft has partnerships with Delta AND JetBlue so when you ride you earn miles. This doesn’t require you to have a business profile. You just have to link your airline accounts!

delta lyft
For delta: Log in, hover over SkyMiles at the top, click how to earn miles, then it will take you to this screen. Click Car Partners then Lyft to link your accounts. 


jetblue lyft
For JetBlue: Log in, click TrueBlue on the top, then you get to this screen. Click our partners and find Lyft!

Anyone else have any other tips? Send me a message!

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